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    The Chicago Network for Justice and Peace fosters community building and the common cause for justice and peace. The Network is not a publisher as such, but sponsors books and assists individuals and organizations in their efforts to promote literacy and the use of literary arts for creating effective communication between and among cultures. The organization collaborates with International PEN in support of writers who are unjustly persecuted for the non-violent expression of their opinions and for the use of their native languages. There is also collaboration with publishing houses located in Mexico and in Argentina which publish the works of writers who would otherwise not be published because their works do not appeal to mainstream or conventional publishers or because of cultural, political, or other forms of repression.

    Publishing interests: Anthologies, Censorship, Human Rights, Literature, Peace, Social Justice, Women's Studies

    Associates: PEN International, an association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship.

    Chicago, IL USA
    (773) 338-9416 (phone)

    Distribution and circulation

    Distributors: Small Press Distribution
    Titles per year: 2 to 2
    Titles in print: 7

    Editor(s): Nick Patricca

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